Warren Loads
There are currently 16 available vans, flats, specialized equipment, lowboys, combine trailers and special handling loads available with more being added hourly, everyday.
Origin City Origin State Distance to Origin
Dest City Dest State Distance to Destination
Equipment Date Full/Partial
Load Number
6/24/20191046273STURTEVANT, WIKEARNEY, NERG 9'11" WIDE.. 11' 2" HIGH8002067980
6/24/20191046277STURTEVANT, WISEWARD, NERG 10' WIDE.. 11' 6" HIGH8002067980
6/24/20191046311LAREDO, TXLONGVIEW, TXF LEGAL NO TARP8002067980
6/24/20191046314NEW HOLLAND, PAKEARNEY, NEF 48'/53' FLATBED ONLY8002067980
6/24/20191046317POPLAR BLUFF, MONEW WILMINGTON, PAV  8002067980
6/24/20191046325WATERLOO, IAFISHERS, INRG 10 wide 11 high lo pro step or rgn8002067980
6/24/20191046336BROKEN ARROW, OKWEST UNION, WVRG OD 12' WIDE 12' HIGH8002067980
6/24/20191046337LIBERTY, KYNORMAN, OKF Legal..no tarp8002067980
6/24/20191046194HOUSTON, TXPARK CITY, KSRG OD 10' 11" WIDE8002067980
6/24/20191046254KETTLE FALLS, WAPELLA, IAF conestoga or 8 ft drop tarps8002067980
6/24/20191046295LAREDO, TXEAST PEORIA, ILV 1 PICK 3 DROP8002067980
6/24/20191046320HILLSBORO, WIWAUKON, IASD 9' 8" WIDE..8002067980
6/25/20191046199JEFFERSONVILLE, INPANAMA CITY, FLV  8002067980
6/25/20191046200JEFFERSONVILLE, INPANAMA CITY, FLV  8002067980
6/25/20191046318PITTSBURG, KSNEW BRAUNFELS, TXV loads at 19008002067980
6/26/20191046313ROTHSCHILD, WIWICHITA, KSV  8002067980